CaffeinePlus v1.0

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in News
CaffeinePlus v1.0

So we thought we’d open the space up in the evening to different groups, its a bit like an accelerator space meets turbo-charged training centre for millennials. Yes we’ve called it “CaffeinePlus”, it’ll do as a name to begin with until we have a moment to sit down and think of something better (names are always over hyped, lets mvp).

The first to kick-off using the space were alumni + extras from New Entrepreneurs Foundation, who are getting a master class in Growth Marketing from Emma Walker. It was their first session of a ten week course.

“Relevent, up to date and commercially useful, if only University education in the UK was anywhere near as good as this. You’ll learn more in 20 hours from Emma than I reckon you’d get from 3 years studying a marketing degree” – Benjamin Davies Founder of The Ministry of Startups.

Ministry of Startups are subsidising part of the space costs for events focused on helping up-skill people in the ‘new economy’.

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