CaffeinePlus v2.0

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in News
CaffeinePlus v2.0

CMU – Music Licensing Seminar.

It was great to host Chris’s music licensing course at the Patio, we got to understand the ins and outs of music licensing and deal making. The biggest course we’ve hosted here so far!

Chris Cooke is pretty much the go to man of the Music Industry in London, there is very little that this man doesn’t know. He is MD and Business Editor of CMU. He has written about the music business daily for over ten years, and is a leading expert on the sector, often commenting on it for other media, most notably the BBC. It’s definitely worth checking out their other courses here.

Apologies about the photo (credit me, Ben), I didn’t have my camera on me so ended up using my phone. We’ll get some better shots at their event next week.

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